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A Relational Network of Leaders Who Desire to Embrace, Nurture, & Demonstrate the Full Expression of God's Kingdom


Nurturing kingdom ministries and proactive leaders since 1947

IFM is an international network of relational kingdom leaders that provide legal licensing, ordination, credentials, and non-profit status to some of the most innovative and passionate emerging leaders in ministry; including market-place ministers, missionaries, bi-vocational counselors and full-time ministers.

We are a group of men and women who desire to possess the full, rich life in Christ that John G. Lake sought after and modeled. We believe God is going to reach the nations with this gospel of the Kingdom, the same gospel that Jesus demonstrated when He was on the earth. We are seeking to be vessels filled with the Spirit who can reveal to the world a Living Christ. We desire to express the same divine compassion that Jesus did and release the same violent hatred for the works of darkness. We are not so much interested in being great men and women of God as we are in revealing a great and mighty God who uses average human beings. They that know their God shall be mighty and do exploits. John G. Lake knew his God and God greatly used him.

We seek to walk with those who long for the full, rich life that Jesus died to obtain for us. As Paul said, “Follow me as I follow the Lord.” We see in John G. Lake someone worth emulating to the full degree that he followed the Lord. John G. Lake was just a man. But he was a pioneer that continued to reach out after all that God had for him. He called others to this life of reaching for more of God, as well. The Church today can learn from him and we desire to learn what we can from his example. All of Lake’s life, even in the midst of seeing incredible miracles, he never stopped being hungry for more of God. It is our desire that this same heart would be in us. We expect the miraculous. But we believe that the ultimate vision is to reveal a risen, glorified, victorious Savior, Who has died that all men might live. And Who lives that we might take His Life to all the nations. This was the passion of John G. Lake and remains the foundational passion of IFM.

IFM endeavors to constantly encourage all who join to embrace the vision, emulate the integrity, embody the holiness, emblazon the boldness and emboss the authority of the Risen Christ.




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Services and Provision

AssocIATE Partnership

These are members of the Body of Christ who are not necessarily called to full time ministry, yet desire to partner with IFM. Associate Ministers/Partners share the heart and vision of the IFM and choose to support IFM in prayer, finances, and attending IFM functions, but do not feel the need to be licensed or ordained ministers, or become charter members. These individuals, churches or ministries can choose to become IFM Associate Ministers/Partners. IFM associate Ministers/Partners are invited to all conferences sponsored by IFM and receive all mailings sent to our members.


This level of membership is for those who require credentials to perform marriages and burials, and/or those needing access to prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Some states require ordination rather than licensing to perform these functions. In addition many of those who minister in healing rooms choose to be licensed. Licensed members include those who are in full-time or part-time ministry in churches, in ministries that operate outside the church, as well as those who are involved in market-place ministry. Licensing with IFM involves an application process. This process requires recommendations from a pastor, a fellow minister, and a personal friend. 


The basic requirements for ordination are based on relationship with IFM so we “know” you, your ministry calling, your commitment to the Lord, etc. Thus, those who have not been ordained by another organization are required to be a member of IFM for at least one year before applying for ordination. Ordination is for those who are recognized leaders in a ministry either inside or outside of the church. We recognize the fact that it is really God who calls and ordains His people for His work. We simply come into agreement with Him and facilitate the process with the laying on of hands and prophetic presbytery by IFM board members and other invited leaders with strong prophetic gifting at our annual conference.

Charter Program

Licensed or ordained ministers may desire to be chartered under IFM. We are legally able to provide IRS 501c3 status for churches and ministries that would like to obtain this status under our covering. To be eligible for an IFM Charter, an IFM member must first register their ministry name and become a non-profit corporation in his/her state. The application process includes appropriate paperwork for our records and the necessary IRS paperwork that is required for consideration of charter status. We provide sample forms from other ministries who are chartered under IFM to help applicants fill out all the necessary forms. When the application process is complete, the IRS is notified and the member receives their Certificate of Charter.

The Spirit of God at work in a man goes thousands of miles beyond psychological influence.
— John G. Lake


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