International Fellowship of Ministries
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Frequently Asked Questions


How does IFM provide licensing and ordination of ministers?

We provide licensing and  ordination for ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ through an application process that includes an application form, an evaluation from three references, and review by our Credentials Committee. For detailed information go to the section “Our Services.”

We accredit ministers according to the standards of the Word of God. For those who are ordained we impart spiritual gifts and acknowledge the ministries of individuals through the laying on of hands by the presbyters, according to the scriptures.

What legal status does IFM provide for ministries?

We provide full Internal Revenue Code status under section 501-C-3, of the I.R.S. Code, for “Charter” Ministries. This allows those who are Charters to accept donations and provide giving receipts to all donors so they can receive their tax deduction for charitable giving.

What support does IFM provide for its members?

We provide the following to support the members of IFM:

  • An Annual Conference providing encouragement, fellowship, and exhortation. This conference includes our annual business meeting as well as an ordination service with prophetic ministry.
  • Regional meetings for members to gather for additional fellowship and encouragement.
  • Website with information not only regarding IFM but also about the ministries who are connected with IFM.
  • Newsletter with up-to-date information of what is going on within the IFM family.
  • Intercessory team who receive requests from IFM members and then pray authoritatively for their needs.
  • Periodic phone calls from members of the IFM Board and Staff.
  • Support and counsel as necessary through our office staff.

How does IFM provide accountability?

All members are required to submit an annual ministry report which describes their work from the previous year and their plans for the coming year. Members who have Charters are additionally required to submit an annual financial report as part of their annual renewal process. These reports are reviewed by our staff and individual recommendations and counsel are made as necessary.

Is IFM a denomination?

No, IFM is not a denomination. However, we firmly believe in the power of synergism and apostolic faith working together to bring God’s Kingdom to our cities and regions! We believe that bringing together fellow ministers with a moving, living, working faith, causes exponential growth both personally and corporately. IFM strives to blend like heartbeats, which are hungry for the miraculous works of God that cannot be satisfied by any other means than the very power of God demonstrated. As John G. Lake wrote, “This is the advantage of having people who trust God, and walk out on God’s lines, come together, and carry one another’s loads, and form a nucleus in society which has some force for God. I have no confidence or faith in these little efforts that people run after here and there. Most of them go up in a vapor. If you want something done for God and humanity, put your hearts and your hands together and your souls together. Organize your effort.”

What are some keys elements of being like-minded with IFM?

  • Rules & ordinances are held to a minimum.
  • Authority comes from God, not the election of man.
  • Miracles, signs & wonders will be sought, believing all the promises of God.
  • Character development is more important to the fulfillment of our personal destiny than gifted ministry. As a result holiness, purity of devotion to Christ, & integrity, must be continually pursued.

What is the  history of IFM and its leadership?

The International Fellowship of Ministries as early as 1915 was an informal covenant relationship of John G. Lake and some men who worked with him in ministry.  The International Fellowship of Ministries was later legally founded, on May 6, 1947, as an outgrowth and a continuation of the ministry of John G. Lake.

The original incorporators were Maury Moser of Spokane, Washington, a man who was involved in John G. Lake’s greatest years of ministry which occurred in Spokane, Washington; Olaf I. Borseth, another Lake adherent, of Chehalis, Washington; Wilford H. Reidt, John G. Lake’s son-in-law, of Spokane, Washington; Paul Gering of Spokane, Washington, and Edward H. Curtis of Entiat, Washington, both of whom were followers of the John G. Lake Ministry.

Rev. Moser was the President of The Fellowship. He served until his death on November 17, 1961. Vice- President Olaf Borseth became President and served until his death in 1967.

Wilford H. Reidt then became President and served until his death on June 28, 1987. Rev. Clifford Rice was then elected President. He resigned in 1990. Vice-President Richard O. Tedeschi then became President until the general convention in June 1991, where Wayne C. Anderson was elected as the sixth President. Wayne served until March 1996 when he resigned in June 1996.  Lee LaCoss was elected to serve as the seventh President until he resigned in May 1998. In May 1998, Joe McIntyre was elected the eighth President. He  served as President of the Fellowship until December 2011. Greg Daley, a member since 1988, and a board member since 1991, became the ninth President in January, 2012.

The Fellowship was granted Group Tax Exempt status in 1963. Application for a Group Exempt Number was granted to us, on August 20, 1982.The International Fellowship of Ministries is just now coming of age. The new leadership, while treasuring the heritage given to us by those great men of God who went before, is preparing to aggressively press the battle through the enemy’s gates. God is truly moving through our people in a greater manner than ever before. Apostolic Faith and Apostolic Team Ministry is what this fellowship of ministers was originally founded upon and is the direction that we are continuing to follow.

If you have any questions concerning the direction of The International Fellowship of Ministries, please do not hesitate to call or write. The entire staff and presbytery is committed to serving you.