Who is IFM?

We are a group of men and women who desire to possess the full, rich life in Christ that John G. Lake sought after and modeled. We believe God is going to reach the nations with this gospel of the Kingdom, the same gospel that Jesus demonstrated when He was on the earth. We are seeking to be vessels filled with the Spirit who can reveal to the world a Living Christ. We desire to express the same divine compassion that Jesus did and release the same violent hatred for the works of darkness.

We are not so much interested in being great men and women of God as we are in revealing a great and mighty God who uses average human beings. They that know their God shall be mighty and do exploits. John G. Lake knew his God and God greatly used him.

We seek to walk with those who long for the full, rich life that Jesus died to obtain for us. As Paul said, “Follow me as I follow the Lord.” We see in John G. Lake someone worth emulating to the full degree that he followed the Lord. John G. Lake was just a man.

But he was a pioneer that continued to reach out after all that God had for him. He called others to this life of reaching for more of God, as well. The Church today can learn from him and we desire to learn what we can from his example.

All of Lake’s life, even in the midst of seeing incredible miracles, he never stopped being hungry for more of God.

It is our desire that this same heart would be in us. We expect the miraculous. But we believe that the ultimate vision is to reveal a risen, glorified, victorious Savior, Who has died that all men might live. And Who lives that we might take His Life to all the nations.

This was the passion of John G. Lake and remains the foundational passion of IFM. IFM endeavors to constantly encourage all who join to embrace the vision, emulate the integrity, embody the holiness, emblazon the boldness and emboss the authority of the Risen Christ.

You can contact us via email at ifm@ifm7.org, or go to our contact page for further contact information.

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