Ordained Ministers

The basic requirements for ordination are based on relationship with IFM so we “know” you, your ministry calling, your commitment to the Lord, etc. Thus, those who have not been ordained by another organization are required to be a member of IFM for at least one year before applying for ordination. Ordination is for those who are recognized leaders in a ministry either inside or outside of the church.

We recognize the fact that it is really God who calls and ordains His people for His work. We simply come into agreement with Him and facilitate the process with the laying on of hands and prophetic presbytery by IFM board members and other invited leaders with strong prophetic gifting at our annual conference.

In the world system a person who is ordained seems to carry a higher level of credentialed status even though a licensed person can normally perform the same functions as an ordained minister. Spiritually, there does seem to be an additional level of anointing released with ordination.

We realize also that some that would like to join with us have already been ordained. We recognize that many ordaining bodies exist and seek to honor and acknowledge all valid ordinations.

The ordination process is similar to that for licensing. An application form is filled out and three references are required. Once all of these forms are completed and in our office they are submitted to a Credentials Committee as well as our Board members for their review.

Ordained Members are required to annually fill out a ministry report describing their work from the the previous year and their plans for the upcoming year.

We believe that ordination is:

A Recognition of a Calling

Ordination involves recognition of the calling of God on an individual’s life. When a group of peers confirms the calling in a public ceremony this is referred to as ordination.

A Setting Apart for Service

As the priests of the Old Covenant were ordained they were set apart for service. Ordination is a public recognition of entering into the calling on the individual’s life. It is an acceptance and affirmation of the individual in their place in the Body of Christ.

A Transference of Anointing

Anointing is transferable. The common way to do that is by the laying on of hands. Elders (5-fold ministry) can call upon God to transfer anointing to the person being ordained. Groups can carry a transferable anointing which can be imparted to those who submit to the authority of these leaders.

A Preparation for Warfare

The laying on of hands and prophecy help give courage to wage effective spiritual warfare. When the pressures of life come against the calling and ministry, we can recall the prophetic words and affirmations from other ministers to encourage us to stay the course.