You Have Dominion!

by Joe McIntyre

I want to share with you an experience I had some years ago. I had been corresponding with the state (Washington) director of the Strategic Prayer Network for some time by email. The individual’s name was Burdell Austin. Having not met this person, I did not know if they were male or female. I had never heard the name ‘Burdell’ before.

A few weeks later I attended a pastor’s meeting at one of the area churches. When I entered the meeting, I was greeted by a woman who welcomed me and introduced herself as Burdell Austin. I immediately deduced with my lightning fast mind that Burdell was female! Anyway, she did not know I was president of the International Fellowship of Ministries. She said, “Do you know who John G. Lake is?”

Rather startled, I said that I oversee IFM which was founded to further Lake’s vision. She was shocked to hear this and we both felt that strange feeling that we were experiencing a divine appointment. She went on to say that she had been invited to attend the opening of the Spokane Healing Rooms with Cal Pierce. Would I like to attend with her? I knew a little about the re-opening of the Healing Rooms and was thrilled to be able to attend.

So in July of 1999 I was in Spokane as Cal Pierce led the group of intercessors to Lake’s grave, his old house in Spokane and the rebuilt Rookery building, the original of which housed the Healing Rooms. As we went to each place we prayed that Father would restore the healing anointing that John G. Lake walked in. It was a significant time of calling upon the Lord to re-open this well of healing virtue.

As a result of this meeting and my getting to know Cal I was asked to be on the board of the Spokane Healing Room which I agreed to and was a board member for a number of years. Cal is an advisor for IFM to this day. We both long to see healing flow like it did in Spokane when Lake was alive. I want to see that same level of healing flow in IFM as well!Now I come to the point of this article: I left and drove home on Saturday in order to be home to do my service at Word of His Grace Church that Sunday morning. When I woke up Sunday morning, there was a phrase ringing in my spirit. I have dominion! It was so loud it was almost audible. It gripped me in my inner man and rose up from deep in my spirit. I knew I had dominion.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know I had dominion before I attended the opening. But attending and petitioning Father to restore the healing anointing stirred up within me a fresh awareness of the dominion we all have in Christ. It wasn’t that we took hold of the John G. Lake anointing. John G. Lake was anointed by the Holy Spirit. This anointing is for all who will seek Father for it. So what I want to say to you is, You have dominion!