Licensed Members

This level of membership is for those who require credentials to perform marriages and burials, and/or those needing access to prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Some states require ordination rather than licensing to perform these functions. In addition many of those who minister in healing rooms choose to be licensed.

Licensed members include those who are in full-time or part-time ministry in churches, in ministries that operate outside the church, as well as those who are involved in market-place ministry.

Licensing with IFM involves an application process. This process requires recommendations from a pastor, a fellow minister, and a personal friend. It also requires the filling out of an application form detailing information about the applicant’s background, ministry experience, and spiritual journey. Once all of these forms are complete and in our office they are submitted to a Credentials Committee for review.

Licensed Members are required to annually fill out a ministry report describing their work from the the previous year and their plans for the upcoming year.

Applicants may be members of other organizations and denominations and at the same time be a part of IFM.