President Greg Daley Ministry in Ireland – Sept. 2016

Ireland and Korea updates:
ireland-church-greg-daleyI just returned from Ireland ministering at an AVM Conference in Dublin with IFM member Keith Gerner. We saw God bring a wave of Holy Spirit Refreshing with a focus on equipping the Body for prophetic ministry.
This was significant because I mentioned to prophet Bobby Conner last February that I was planning on going to Ireland and he said “You should go to Ireland” he told me of a vision he had where God was brining prophetic evangelism to Ireland. The Conference in Dublin focused on equipping the body to minister prophetically to others with a focus toward the streets and reaching the non-Christian. My message focused on getting outside the four walls of the church with testimonies to increase faith. So the Conference was a timely Word and gathering in Dublin. From there I was taken up to Glenvarna Christian Centre in Belfast where we saw the Lord refresh and heal several in attendance. One young lady had a swollen thumb and could not move it without pain. The Lord healed her thumb and the swelling went down. What was encouraging for us was this did not happen instantly but over a short period of several minutes of ongoing decrees speaking to the thumb the healing manifested. An elderly women had her hearing restored and several people with knee infirmities were healed. A man with a heart condition felt the Lord touch and strengthen him as well and a man with lower back pain was healed. God is Good!
This January I will be traveling to Soule Korea for a healing and impartation conference. Please be praying for the travel safety of the team and for the Lord to confirm His Word with signs following. I was given a prophetic word two years ago about a door opening up for me to go to Korea to equip the saints and to see a harvest of souls. Another word several weeks ago from a different source came with the same message. I appreciate your prayers for what should be a fruitful trip.
Greg Daley

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