Featured Ministries

Word & Spirit Fellowship

Springs Greg 6.11.13 IDSprings Carol 6.11.13 IDMission Statement

Word & Spirit Fellowship determines to have fellowship with God and to bring others into a living relationship with Jesus Christ through repentance and new birth, drawn by the Holy spirit into the body of Christ, His church; to the glory of God teaching, preaching, encouraging and correcting all in a culture of honor, inclusion, integrity, love, redemption and unity.

Vision Statement

  • To pursue and develop our relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit.
  • To individually develop sensitivity and obedience to the Holy Spirit, developing our gifts for the Kingdom of God and His Glory.
  • To welcome and pursue the lost, disenfranchised, lapsed Christians, the Swinomish and Samish Tribes, Anacortes and Skagit County residents into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ecclesia Classes – Shannon Baer

Baer Shannon 12.31.13 IDPurpose Statement

To provide classes, educational opportunities and creative outlets that equip thinking individuals with knowledge and tools, basxed on the Truth of the Work of God, to discover their vocation and the desires of their hearts.

Mission Statement – Empowering a people to find their place, purpose and call.

Vision Statement

To empower a people to recognize and follow the call on their lives through teaching, learning, training, supporting, providing and facilitating work and/or higher education and/or missions in an environment of mutual love and respect so that we may fulfill the command, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27)

Encourage Africa – Lance Klopp

Klopp Lance 10.15.13 IDMission Statement

Our mission is to work directly within Ethiopia to identify and connect education, employment and housing opportunities for women, children and others at risk. Our goals are accomplished by partnering with local churches and ministries and by leveraging our relationships within the United States and Ethiopia to create sustainable solutions where growth, health and stability are fostered. We want to see each persons gifts, abilities and resources enhanced to the fullest, so that there is hope in each individual’s life.

Purpose Statement

  • To support those in need internationally by providing training and mentoring so that they can find safe, meaningful, rewarding employment and break the cycle of poverty they have faced.
  • To help support and begin businesses that are sustainable and can help provide financial support for individuals in need and the ministries involved.
  • To create a micro-finance strategy that is both sustainable and empowering to each individual or group of borrowers, and one that is replicable in various levels of income.
  • To find homes for those orphans who no longer have a place to live, where they can thrive by being cared for and mentored.

Revolution Church – Jason Himmelberger

Himmelberger Jason 8.6.13 IDVision Statement – The Revolution Church is called to raise up, equip and release leader into the body of Christ facilitating God’s call on their life and the church at large.

Mission Statement – Love God, love people, and pursue His presence.

Proposed Purposes

  • To establish and oversee places of worship.
  • To conduct the work of evangelism.
  • To create departments necessary to support missionary activities.
  • to provide practical support to our community.
  • To license, ordain and oversee ministers of the Gospel.

Healing on the Sabbath Ministry – Karen Hodnett

Hodnett Karen 8.2.13 IDVision Statement – To know, with all the saints, the width, and length, and depth, and height of the love of Christ and to be filled with all the fullness of God and to share His love so individuals can fulfill their destiny in Christ (Eph 3:18-19)

Mission Statement

  • To provide a safe place where individuals can come to receive inner healing, physical healing, and deliverance.
  • To use the Sozo tools and other ministry tools by the leading of the Holy spirit to bring wholeness and an intimate connection to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • To mentor the body of Christ to be empowered to walk fully alive in their destiny and in turn empower others to do the same.
  • to provide a “culture of Honor” atmosphere for fellowship, teaching, and nurturing.
  • To equip the saints to take the message of Jesus’ love worldwide.

Springs of Life Ministries International – Eddy Cienda

Cienda Eddy 1.17.12 IDVision Statement – To teach the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity and simplicity for the purpose of establishing in righteousness (Isa 54:13-14)

Mission Statement

  • Spread the gospel through discipleship evangelism (Isa 54:13-14)
  • Plant new churches in unreached areas of the world (Acts 11:20)
  • Advocate the message of divine righteousness to the body of Christ (the believer’s rights because of the finished work of Christ – Rom 1:16-17)