An Apostle of Faith

By every biblical definition, the life of John G. Lake demonstrated the nature and characteristics of true apostolic ministry. John G. Lake was a man who experienced apostolic ministry according to first century standards and changed the world everywhere he went. He was a vessel yielded to God as a habitation for His manifest presence.

Through him, the Holy Spirit was able to heal the sick, cast out demons, save the lost, and manifest the very nature and character of Christ, displaying that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). The Great Commission was a reality, not a theory, in Lake’s ministry. Careful examination of his life will help the church to prepare for the coming visitation and restoration of the apostolic ministry.

Lake discerned that his generation missed the mark by not realizing the true definition of apostolic ministry. Some attempted to build an apostolic church around the doctrine and manifestation of healing power.

Others attempted to establish the apostolic church around the restoration of the gifts and speaking in tongues, while some attempted to create and establish the apostolic order around the doctrine of holiness.

All of these qualities are attributes of the Holy Spirit and essential to the church, yet not one singularly sustains apostolic ministry. Lake observed that the people were absorbed in the phenomena of God and not in the person of God.